Temporary Dental Emergency Remedies

Temporary Dental Emergency Remedies


Ibuprofen (Nurofen) is good for toothaches, it helps with pain and it is anti-inflammatory as well. Children under 12 years old should avoid Asprin (Reye’s Syndrome), with liquid paracetamol (Calpol) a good alternative.

Codeine (eg: Codamol) makes you drowsy, so unless you want to sleep better at night, don’t take during the day, otherwise you can’t drive safely, might hurt yourself, need someone to accompany you etc. Never exceed maximum doses! This is dangerous and will not work any better than the recommended dosage would anyway!


Is available from most Chemists/Pharmacies and is useful to apply on cotton wool on a tooth with a “live” nerve toothache. Keep pressed onto the tooth/cavity for a full minute. The helpful effect is only temporary though as it gets washed away by saliva easily.


Gel available at Pharmacies again. Useful for gum ulcers around wisdom teeth, loose baby teeth tugging painfully on a child’s gum, or soft tissue injuries and accidental bites. Not much good for teeth problems though as again it gets washed away by saliva.


For gum infections around wisdom teeth, gum diseases and bleeding gums, multiple mouth ulcers etc.

Chlorhexidine (Corsodyl) is good. Other good alternatives are Betadine, Eludril etc. Again, let it soak in for a full minute before spitting it out for maximum benefit – if this gives a burning sensation that cannot be tolerated for a full minute, then dilute with some water until it is only a mild sensation that you can tolerate for a full minute.
We tend to not recommend Listerine as it is often high in alcohol.
Most Supermarket own brands of “Antiseptic” labelled mouthwash are misleading in our opinion and if you read the contents they are often nothing more than a cheap version of a Fluoride (NaF) mouthwash, which is great to rinse with before bedtime on a daily basis to help prevent cavities, but fairly useless to help treat a mouth infection!


Spray (antiseptic and anti-inflammatory) on particular areas, such as wisdom teeth gum areas or into large cavities.


the a natural antiseptic rinse and good for post-extraction healing, Denture rubs and mouth ulcers if you cannot get to a Chemist for a good antiseptic mouthwash mentioned above. A “teaspoon” of salt dissolved in a tumbler of warm water works well. Hold in the mouth for one minute then spit out, around 4 times daily or as needed.


Only work for “dead” nerve abscesses and gum infections. They are essential for an infection that causes swelling, but you need to see one of our dentists for a prescription. You will still need Dental Treatment later as Antibiotics cannot get inside a dead tooth, so the infection will return worse if left untreated! This is a common mistake: Tooth Abcesses nearly Always need dental treatment later if they are not to come back twice as bad!


AVOID things that make toothache worse, drink liquids through a straw, eat soft foods on the other comfortable side etc.


DO NOT take Alcohol or additional Asprin (keep taking any prescribed medicine for heart or clotting problems), otherwise these will make you bleed even more, which is bad news if you need a tooth out later on. Choose a safer alternative, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Remember, Codeine containing painkillers makes you more “drowsy”, so you shouldn’t drive, operate machinery, boil water etc, get someone else to help you if you take these – always read the labels for warnings and follow all instructions etc !


Rarely cause pain that stops one sleeping, but are very socially inconvenient. If the cement came loose, rinse your mouth out with luke-warm water first so no lose bits get in the way etc, check the Crown/Bridge/Veneer fits back onto the tooth (is it the right way around) and gently bite on it first to make sure it will seat down fully without being proud – if it doesn’t do this without anything in the Crown/bridge/Veneer then it won’t be any better with something added inside and may end up even more ill-fitting or proud. Double check no food or old cement particles getting in the way and if still proud, just leave off until you come to us for treatment. You need to see the dentist as soon as you feel the crown/bridge is loose as bacteria can easily penetrate under the crown/bridge and cause more problem.

However, any loose items should be removed before sleep so you don’t accidentally inhale or choke on these items! If you are based in Wiltshire and want more information on veneers, crowns or dental implants, book a consultation or call 01672 516184.


NEVER use super-glue in the mouth. It is poisonous and sets so fast that some people have ended up with their finger permanently glued to their mouth !!!

Other glues have nasty chemicals in them too which apart from poisoning you, may also turn a simple Dental Treatment into a Complex medical one.


We try to repair dentures within 24 hours. We work with very good technicians and they are able to repair and deliver within 24 hours.


Remember, if the person was unconcious at all, you must get medical attention immediately as there could be bleeding in the Brain (eg: call 999, go to A+E etc)

ONLY second teeth that have been knocked out whole, with it’s root still intact, can be re-implanted at all. Not first (baby) teeth or those where the Crown has broken and the root left behind, just whole second Teeth with complete root intact.

SPEED is essential; the greatest Success of re-implantation is if done within the Hour, ideally in less than 30 mins!!!
Store the tooth in Milk or tucked in the person’s cheek. If greater than 24 hours passed, then there is little chance at all of re-implantation working.

DO NOT scrub or touch the root (even if dirty) and hold it by the Crown part. Rinse under water to remove gross dirt and/or just place in milk. Call us immediately.

These general tips and guidance are NO substitute for seeking professional, personal advice from theDentist immediately.