Ignoring toothaches could make it harder for you to breathe

A tooth pain should never be ignored

When someone is experiencing tooth pain, the most common thing to do is hope that it goes away naturally.

Sometimes people might buy some paracetamol and hope that it will be the end of it.

While the pain may temporarily go away, it does not mean it has been effectively treated.

Common reasons behind tooth pains

There can be some reasons why your tooth is hurting that may not be a huge cause for concern.

If you ate something too cold, or accidentally fell and landed face-first on the floor, it is not something to be overly concerned about.

However, sometimes a tooth pain can be the warning sign of something serious.

It is common for some adults to experience regular dental pain – up to 30% of adults said they do.

But it is still important to get any toothaches assessed so you are aware of any dental problems that need immediate attention.

When to get help for tooth pain?

If you are experiencing any of the following, you should get some emergency dental care.

It is advised not to go to A&E unless you:

  • Have a swollen area around your neck and/or eye
  • Can’t breathe, swallow or speak

Ignoring does more harm than good

By choosing not to get treatment for your tooth pain, there is a chance you are allowing the condition to worsen.

If you wouldn’t ignore heart pain, why ignore tooth pain?

The teeth play a vital role in ensuring our mouth and gums are kept clean.

The more teeth a person loses, the higher risk they have of experiencing irreversible damage done to their mouth.

Instead of ignoring any toothaches, the best thing to do is to double-check with the dentist.