First Aid Kit for the Home


We recommend that all homes have a First Aid Kit stocked with some of the following items:

Category Products
. 1
A.I.D.S. Pack 2
Antibacterial Hand Cleaners 15
Antiseptic Lotions & Infection Control. 13

Bandages. 33
Find: Tubular bandages, Eye bandges,Conforming bandages,Crepe bandages,Finger bandages,Etc.

Beds, Mattress’s, and accessories. 17
From Divan beds to Electric profiling beds to specialist mattresse’s and accessories.

Bird Flu Protection Kits. 4
Blankets,Pillows, Pillow Cases & Sheets. 8
Blankets to be used for patient recovery,(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Blood Pressure Monitors 2
Bulk Buys (Save Money) 13
Disposable products bought on a regular basis, buy in bulk save money, new offers all the time,(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Burn Relief Products. 2
Find items such as Burns pads, Burns kits, Burns roll, Burns mask,Etc.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Burn Shield Products. 7
Find such items as Burn blot,Hydrogel burn gel,Etc.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Cast & Bandages Covers. 12
Inovative ideas & simple solutions to life style problems.

Cervical Neck Collar. 6
Cervical Neck Collar.

Chiropody Foot & Nail Care. 13
Items you will find in this category are, Corn caps, Manicure scissors, Toenail pliers, Profesional emery boards,Pumice stones,Chiropody felt,Etc.(If you do not seee what you require please call.)

Clinell Hand & Surface Sanitiser NHS Approved. NEW 6
Clinell Hand & Surface Sanitiser used and approved by the NHS. Kills MRSA Within 10 SECONDS. Works for 72 Hours. Proven to kill 99.999% of Germs.

Creams & Ointments. 16
Find such items as Savlon,Blisteze,Cetrimide cream,Muscle rub,Radion B,Deep heat,Tiger Balm,Etc.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

Defibrillator”s. Automated External 1
External defibrillator”s Creating Heatsafe Environments.

Diagnostic Equipment. 3
Stethoscopes,Sphygmomanometers,Blood presure meters,Ophalmascope,Pen torch,Percussion hammer,Piccolight Etc.

Disability Awareness Products.(DDA Compliance) 4
Portable Induction Loop,Support Rails,Access Ramps, Staff Training Etc.

Disposable Bin Liners 10
Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Cliical Waste, Nappy Bags Etc.

Disposables & Plastics. 23
Find items such as Examination Gloves, Aprons,Overshoes, Oversleaves,Alcohol Free Wipes, Pre injection Swabs,Thermal Blankets, Etc.Pins, Face Masks etc. (If you do not see what you require please call.)

Dressings. 35
Find such items as Gauze swabs, Mellolin, Lint, Jelonet gauze, Cotton Buds, Cotton Wool,Etc.9If you do not see what you require please call.)

Drug Storage & Dispensing. 4
Items Pill Dispensers, Tablet Splitter, Tablet Crusher, Tablet Counter etc.

Emergency Evacuation Equipment. 11
Evacuation Chairs.Extriction collars. Back Boards, Fracture Immobiliser Splints, Etc Many other items of rescue Equipment Available.

Emergency Fire Equipment 11
If you do not see what you require please call.

Eye Care. 12
In this category you will find such items as Eye wash stations,20ml & 500ml + 150ml sterile eye wash pods.Optrex eye wash.Etc. (If You Do Not See What You Require Please Call.)

Fire Extinguishers 17
First Aid & Emergency Signs. 3
Find such items as signs + first aider arm bands etc, If you do not see what you require please call.

First Aid Cabinets (Metal) 5
If you do not see what you require please call.

First Aid Empty Boxes, Cases And Bags Etc. 14
You can purchase an empty box, bag, or case, to suit your individual first aid requirements.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

FIRST AID KITS ( New Range ) 13
Covering the following areas of life. Vehicle, Travel, Sports, Children,Outdoor pursuits, Overseas travel,Burns, All contained in a practical lightweight carry bag that opens up for ease of access to the contents contained within each kit.

First Aid Kits ( Sports ) 8
Variouse sports first aid kits,and sports related items.(If you do not see what you require please call.)

First Aid Kits (Fischen Premier 4) 5
Fischen Premier 4 Range of first aid kits First aid has finally Evolved!

First Aid Kits (Specialist) 12
This Category Contains Kits Such as burns kits, boating kits,Biohazard kits,sharps kits,Etc.

First Aid Kits BSI 8599 3
These kits are Manufactured in accordance with the 2011 Guidelines laid down by the British Standard Institute (BSI)

First Aid Kits Evolution. 6
Evolution standard First Aid Kits Statutory for the workplace. Contents clearly identified on the back of the case in English, French, German, Dutch, portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

First Aid Kits For Business,Office,Factory,& Home. 42
You will find first aid kits for many areas such as Travel,Burns, Catering,Hikers, Motorist, Van & Truck, Biohazard, Sports, Aluminium kits.Etc. For large orders Local Call Tel: 0845 675 33 36

First Aid Pouches 8
First Aid Pouches Empty and with contents.

First Aid Starter Kits. 1
First aid kits to help you get started and to help you comply with the law. Covering general use and catering. For Office, Shop, and Factory use.

Food Safety Management Products 2006 2
This category contains products to aid all food businesses in there food safety management. And in following the new regulations that came into force on january 1st 2006

Forceps. 2
Forceps. Mosquito, Plastic, Sterile, Dressing, Artery, Pointed, Etc.

Furniture 20
General Products. 2
Various medical & non medical products.

Gloves ( NEW ) 2
Various. From Latex, Vinyl, Nitrile.

Gloves For Personal Protection. 22
If you do not see what you require please call.

Hand Care. 13
You will find hibi scrub 500ml & 5ltr hibi scrub, Spirigel,Hydrex, Barrier Cream etc.

Hi-Visability Accessories 4
Hot & Cold Therapy 5
Housekeeping 2
Floor Cleaners,Polishers, Upright Vacs, Steam Cleaners.Bins Etc.

Insect Repellants & Bite & Sting Relief. 4
Bite & Sting Relief, Cooling insect sprays, Etc.

Janitorial & Hygiene Supplies. 18
Toliet Cleaners,Toilet Rolls,Hand Cleaners, Barrier Cream,Air Freshener,Harpic, Haze, Mr Sheen,Fly Killer,Toilet Duck,ETC.

Manuals. 1