Cosmetic Orthodontics

Orthodontics To Change Dental Aesthetics

Are you worried about your crooked or twisted teeth?

Even if you are facing teeth irregularities, disproportionate jaws or improper bytes, orthodontics, a branch of dentistry helps you to resolve these problems and enhance your look.

Many people born with crooked teeth or sometimes teeth become twisted with age. Whatever the reason,  it is certainly a problematic situation.

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics word is derived from Greek word Orthodontia.

This branch of dentistry deals with study and treatment of dental irregularities, dental displacements, control or modification of facial growth.

Crooked, twisted or misaligned teeth create different problems like –

    • Difficulty or problems in chewing food
    • Tooth decay because of too closely placed teeth
    • Difficulty in teeth cleaning
    • In some patients painful chewing and biting results in damaging jaw joints creating joint disease (TMJ)

Teeth straightening treatment is an important part of orthodontics where a variety of treatments or methods are used to align teeth. Sometimes, twisted teeth may not be problematic except their look.

However, this may decline confidence and self-esteem. Orthodontics helps in such cases as cosmetic dentistry to straighten or align teeth to improve look and smile.

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 Orthodontics Treatments

Teeth straightening treatment is achieved with various treatments or procedures.

A fixed brace is one of the methods used for it. But, some may feel awkward wearing it. Find out more about teeth straightening treatments.

Modern cosmetic dentistry provides several other convenient methods like:

    • Invisalign – This treatment is used for adult’s orthodontic treatment. This treatment incorporates invisible wires to straighten or align adult teeth. In teenagers or children, this treatment is not viable as their jawbones are in a growing phase. Read more about Invisalign here.
    • Inman Aligner – This is an economical method that Invisalign but it lies in between invisible braces and metal braces. During this treatment, only one appliance is sufficient.
    • Porcelain veneers – This method is termed as immediate orthodontics as though veneers not actually align crooked teeth but provide illusion effect of a perfect smile and look.

Thus, orthodontics can enhance your look and appearance along with improving dental health. More ways to keep your smile looking great.

According to the needs of patients, it can provide cosmetic dentistry treatments or teeth straightening treatments to attain good look and smile.

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