Care Services

Care Services
Our full range of services includes everything from companionship services to wound care. You may need some or all of the services listed below. We will carry out a full assessment of your needs to ensure that you receive the right care at the right time!
Services start from £15.00 per hour with a minimum visit time set at 30 minutes (charged at 50% of the hourly rate). If your care needs require the management of a registered nurse, prices will reflect the level of need at the time of your assessment.
Below you will find some examples of common needs which we provide for.
Personal Hygiene

Supporting individuals in all aspects of personal hygiene. This may include supporting people to maintain or regain independence in these activities through rehabilitation. Alternatively we can provide total support for people who are no longer able to perform these types of activities unaided.

Assisting people with regaining independence or supporting those with mobility problems to cope with their normal activities of living. We will always aim to maintain as much of your independence as possible and to meet this we will provide encouragement, and guidance where appropriate on improving your mobility levels.

Supporting all aspects of rehabilitation, we will work in conjunction with your Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist to implement a rehabilitation plan in your own home.
Medication Support

For people who need assistance with either taking the administration of their medications or to support you in understanding your medications and remembering to take them. We can provide every level of assistance from prompting you to take medications, to directly administering them.
Nutritional Support

For people who are unable to prepare meals or eat them without assistance, we can provide support to ensure you are able to maintain a well-balanced diet. We are also able to provide interventions such as tube feeding when prescribed by an appropriate practitioner.
Palliative Care

Working in conjunction with your palliative care service, we will provide nursing care including wound management and medication administration. We also provide a caring approach to the holistic needs of you and your family.
Wound Care

On-going care for long term or acute wounds. We can provide continuous assessment and management of post-surgical wounds, leg ulcers, skin tears, pressure ulcers and a range of other post-injury wounds.Â
Complex Needs

For people with a complex set of needs, due to medical or surgical conditions, we are able to offer registered nurses to manage and coordinate your care needs. People with conditions which require frequent intervention such as diabetes or COPD can be managed in your own home in partnership with your own specialist care team. We will routinely monitor the health of all our clients although much closer monitoring of your health is recommended when you have a range of different conditions or where your medical conditions are not well controlled.



A regular or occasional ‘sit in service’ to give you someone to spend time with. This can include overnight stays or just an hour through the day. Some of the times when this service be useful are:
  • When your normal carer (family or friends) wants your safety assured while they are out
  • To monitor you at times of risk
  • To support you on outings or similar